Connecting Technology to the Classroom

Effective Learning Environments

Explore the following website (Scholastic) for teaching strategies, ideas and resources as you begin this year:

In the website search box, you may want to try:
✹ Designing my classroom
✹ Starting the year
✹ Classroom setup
✹ Classroom management
✹ Procedures and routines

Also try out Teacher Tube at:

An online community for sharing instructional videos

You’ll find such things as:
✹ Video clips of teachers teaching
✹ Student made video clips
✹ Make your own video clips


Additional resources regarding effective learning environments can be found at:
A Discussion of Positive Learning Environment and Classroom Management

Additional classroom designing tools, resources, and activities can be found at:
Classroom Architect - 4teachers


eThemes - Classroom Design: Layout


Learn how to plan a classroom layout, how to place furnitre, and draw a floor plan. The sites include photographs and schematic drawings.

Positively Perfect Places

Lesson plan and class activity that is about designing a dream room. While working on the assignment, kids can learn how to plan, design, and draw a floor plan. The activity can be modified as a classroom layout design.

NCFF - Classroom Design References

The National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities resource list of links, books, and journal articles on the design and layout of school classrooms.

How to Design a Virtual Classroom - 10 Easy Steps to Follow, by Sam Hsu, Ph.D.