SlideRocket lets you quickly make stunning presentations, manage a library of related slides and assets, share them securely with colleagues, and measure how they're used. SlideRocket redefines what presentations can do and what they can do for you. (description from their website)

  • Import PPT presentations (as image files) or build them from scratch
  • Collaborate with others on the same project
  • Can link to or embed presentations
  • Email required to sign up but not verified


This site allows you to upload your presentations in a variety of formats including .ppt .pdf .odp & Google presentations. While the conversion process does not support PowerPoint animations or embedded audio, you may upload audio (.mp3 .wav .wma .au) or link to an exisitng .mp3 file with a URL. Once audio is uploaded, you can use their cool sync tool to synchronize your audio files with your slides. In addition, you can mark your shows public or private. Each slide can be up to 50 MB and each slideshow can be up to 150 slides in length.

Anonymous slideshows can be created by registration (free) is required for future editing. Viewers can download the PPT file and/or MP3 files unless you state otherwise.


This site is so awesome! You upload your photos (or use your online photos from Flickr, etc.), upload your own music or select from their library (great collection) and let their servers do all the work rendering a great video mix. The effects and transitions are professional Hollywood-type effects! Notice for my sample movie that I created title slides in PowerPoint then saved the slides as .jpg files.

The free version creates a "quick mix" about 30 seconds in length- about 15 images can be displayed. For $30/year or $3/video, you can create full-length videos and download them to your computer (and burn DVD's). Update: The site will now allow educators FREE access to premium membership for you and your students! Get more information here.


My favorite slideshow application.

Somebody's going to look like a creative genius in a few minutes (hint: it's you). It's just so simple to mix your video and photos with our fresh, stylish effects to create wow-worthy Video Montages. (Description from their website)

  • Registration required
  • Built-in music library
  • Includes a title generator

Slideboom or Slideshare

Upload your PowerPoints (or students) for web-presentation. Embed presentations on web-site, wiki, or blog. Discuss presentations as a group. Works well for students to comment on others presentations.