School Rules, Ten Activities for Establishing Classroom Rules from EducationWorld

I have been recommending this article and included links for years. It is still a great collection of information:

Classroom Procedures Blog

A general list of procedures, very different from rules, for classrooms, and a great blog with interesting posts from a large number of teachers:

Rules - How to run a a well-managed classroom beginning on Day One and developing throughout the year from the Donaldson Learning Project

This great article defines effective rule development:

Why Classroom Rules and Procedures Fall Apart from

An effective classroom management plan helps prevent teachers' rules and procedures from falling apart so that effective learning conditions can take place. You would not want to set up you rules and procedures and then not continue them effectively:


The Organized Teacher: A Hands-On Guide to Setting Up and Running a Terrific Classroom

by Steven Springer (ISBN 978-0071457071) $13.57

One-Minute Discipline: Classroom Managment Strategies That Work

By Arnie Bianco (ISBN 978-0130452986) $19.77