The Six C's of Motivation

This online article is a summary of the Sic C's of Motivation (choice, control, collaboration, constructing meaning, and consequences) for the classroom:

Reward Systems that Work: What to Give and When to Give It! from EducationWorld

This super teacher site have many resources for today's teachers. Read about four teachers' solutions as well as 35 Reasonable Rewards:

Enhance Learning with Technology

This site have many links and some good information on utilizing Intrinsic Motivation in the classroom:

A List of Reward Ideas from Can Teach

Effort has been given to provide a combination of reward ideas suited for both primary and intermediate students.

Icebreaker Energizers on

Fun energizers to encourage participation of all students in a safe environment. Energizers are used to take a break from an activity or to begin a new activity.

Motivating Students from Tools for Teaching by Jossey-Bass

This older article has some clear, concise examples of general strategies, instructional behaviors, course instruction, and much more:


Classroom Motivation from A to Z: How to Engage Your Students in Learning

By Barbar Blackburn (ISBN 978-1596670143) $29.95


150 Ways to Increase Intrinsic Motivation in the Classroom

By James Raffini (ISBN 978-0205165674) $36.06