Quick reading inventories that may be useful for secondary and DS/CTE people who need reading levels for their students (click on each title to go directly to resource):

San Diego Quick

This website gives a very clean, simple copy of this inventory that is ready to use. Very quick (thus the name!) to administer. FYI-It is word recognition only (no comprehension) and would be useful for an initial screening,....getting an independent, instructional and frustration level, but isn't really diagnostic.

READING-Types of InventoriesStudy Guide developed by Karla Porter, M.Ed.

This university article/study guide is simple and easy to follow. It gives overview info on a variety of inventories, including the IRI (Individual Reading Inventory) by Silvaroli that has long been used in schools and the San Diego Quick. I'm sure there are lots of resources like this on the web.

Reading Inventory: Pre-Primer Through Grade Twelve and Early Literacy Assessments (Paperback); Jerry L. Johns (Author)

This is a book containing very comprehensive assessments for those who want to know more about their students. We have not seen it, but it comes highly recommended by a local intervention teacher. It may be cool for schools to have a copy available for check out to interested teachers.