Use LetterPop to create eye-popping newsletters, actionable presentations, irresistible invitations, beautiful product features, sizzling event summaries, informative club updates, lovely picture collages, and a whole lot more. You will need to register, but can use this for up 10 newsletters per year to 25 email address. For $24.98/year you can send 52 newsletters to 500 email addresses.


While MixBooks do not contain audio of any kind, this site is wonderful for creating a virtual book. You can upload photos from your computer or image hosting site. The number of layouts and backgrounds available for the pages is great- they'll have a layout you need.

The site's true intention is for users to collaborate on creating a MixBook together and then purchase a printed version. But, the site also allows you to share your book via links or embedding.

You may create a book anonymously, but in order to make changes to the book, registration (free) is required.

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Mixbook Education Program Offers...

  • Free Collaborative Classroom Tools for creating and sharing personalized Mixbooks
  • Secure online environment for students and teachers to share and edit privately
  • Education Discounts on printed products - 10-30% off printed Mixbooks for your classroom