Strategies for Dealing with Troublesome Behaviors in the Classroom from the National Teaching and Learning Forum

A great outline link which covers specific remediation for certain disruptive classroom behavior:

Blog posts from the ProTeacher Directory

The ProTeacher Directory blog covers behavior issues and solutions from many teachers. Some of the solutions are very unique and may work for your situation:

Behavior Management Tips from EducationWorld

This tip archive offers helpful advice for dealing with a wide variety of classroom situations, including student inattention, noise, and tardiness as well as inappropriate behavior, lost supplies, boredom, bullying, irresponsibility, and many others:

Many Managing Behavior Tips from A to Z Teacher Stuff

Excellent tips from teachers for all grade levels:


We do not usually recommend eBooks (one has online payment and then download, the other is free), but these are both great resources.


Classroom Behavior Report Card Resource Book

By Jim Wright (free)


eBOOKS from Youth Change - Your Problem Kid Problem-Solver

There have a selection of eBooks that are $15 each and down-loadable - check them out.